English Rose

August 30, 2011 § 17 Comments

Since Kate Moss is one of my ultimate style icons, I was literally enchanted when I came across her wedding photos. This collection photographed by Mario Testino (whose schedule she changed the date of her nuptials for) would evoke a romantic in anyone. Kate wanted a wedding with a 1920’s Great Gatsby feel and as you can tell, she nailed it while still adding her signature rock-and-roll touch.

Warning to all my neighbors with gardens: I may be visiting while wearing heels and lace… ♥


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LOLO mag

August 17, 2011 § 10 Comments

If you haven’t checked out LOLO mag yet – it is a must! This was launched less than a week ago and I am already hooked. I am only partly biased (I am now an occasional contributor for the online magazine). LOLO mag covers everything you want and need from a magazine: fashion, beauty, food, health/fitness, and travel/culture. Created by Editor-in-Chief Lauren Scruggs and Editor-at-Large Shannon Yoachum, this magazine aims to provide “the ultimate lifestyle experience” and hits the mark. You can jump from reading about the trendiest nail color to the newest health food craze to the must have shoes for Fall all in a few clicks. This magazine speaks to the reader in a down-to-earth way by informing us of useful trends, news and reviews. Don’t miss a beat and begin to devour LOLO. ♥

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France Photo Journal part 3: Toulouse

August 11, 2011 § 23 Comments

Here is the final portion of my photo journal from our trip to France taken in my boyfriend’s home city of Toulouse. Enjoy! ♥

Martin and his mom

walking around the beautiful city

Toulouse is called the "pink city" because of all the brick buildings

lovely streets

so French...

more "pinkness"

outside dining perfect for people watching


the very last shot of Toulouse

France Photo Journal part 2: St. Tropez

August 10, 2011 § 23 Comments

Here is part deux of my photo journal – enjoy! ♥

Chanel (with my friend Meredith, who joined us)

BBQ time

mmm dessert:)

and onto the beach!

pool party

loving the hot summer nights

thai food

at New Coco Beach

love the different shades of the sea

my love:)

sexy man

boats galore!

does scenery get any more beautiful?

just a little champagne for the beach

night out for drinks at Maison Blanche

with my main squeeze


France Photo Journal part 1: Paris

August 9, 2011 § 21 Comments

As promised, below is some of the photos I took on our trip to France from Paris (with my accompanying commentary):

Louvre trying not to smile at me

one of many beautiful fountains


watching part of the Tour de France


Tour de France fanatics

more of the Tour crowd

snapshot moment in the madness


City Hall a precious street band with a sassy little dancer


Jardin Royal loved this courtyard


coke break: what is this? A coke for ANTS?!?

nice distant view of the Eiffel Tower

that's better:)


unbelievable how large the old buildings are


Place Vendome = jewelry!

a walk in the park

final photo in Paris - one last glimpse of the iconic tower


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À Bientôt

July 22, 2011 § 23 Comments

First of all – I would like to wish myself a Happy Birthday – hehe;)

I also wanted to let you all know since we are leaving for France tomorrow, I have a great line-up of guest bloggers (beancakes, Bellissimo, Sweet Nothings, The Lonely Wife Project, Birdie and Wilma, Glitter & Pearls) filling in for me while I am away. I am so happy to have some of my fave bloggers contributing amazing advice, stylish finds and recipes here for the next 2 weeks! So definitely make sure to stay tuned. Here’s a little peek into our trip (more of my own pics will follow upon my return)…

1st: Paris

2nd: Saint-Tropez

3rd: Toulouse

See you all soon (À bientôt)! ♥

*all images via pinterest

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What to Bring, What to Bring…

July 18, 2011 § 21 Comments

Please excuse all the posts about my upcoming vacation this week – if you couldn’t tell, I am so excited! We start our trip in Paris for 2 days, move onto St. Tropez for the better part of the trip and end with a couple days in my boyfriend’s hometown, Toulouse. I will mostly need easy beach clothes with a few fun pieces for going out at night. I spent a good part of Sunday packing because this week is set to be much too busy for my packing method (which usually consists of trying on all the outfits before they are allowed in my suitcase). Here is what I am definitely not leaving behind:

♥ My bright yellow shoes:

♥ My new floral shorts seen here

♥ This recently seen maxi skirt

♥ My teeniest tiniest Luli Fama bikini

♥ Some scarves to tie as turbans or add onto a purse for added glam

What do you make sure to bring with you on vacation? ♥

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