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Every time I leave the house without perfume on, I end up feeling naked. The same goes for leaving without sunglasses or my cell phone, for more obvious reasons. Perfume gives the same sense of finality to the getting-ready process as a great accessory. I prefer keeping a few different bottles on hand for various moods and occasions. If I have on a bold outfit that needs a strong scent to keep up, I like to spritz appropriately. On the other hand, a romantic date night will need a sexy and feminine scent. I have several favorites, but right now I cannot get enough of YSL Parisienne. It is extremely feminine with lots of floral and fruity notes with an underlying “woody structure”. I feel ultra glamorous every time I spray this on, and recently had to restock. What is your go-to perfume? ♥

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Saint-Tropez Blue

August 8, 2011 § 19 Comments

Here begins one of many recaps of our trip to France. First off, thank you so much to my lovely guest bloggers! It seems that all your posts were well received and I really appreciate the time you took to fill in for me:)

Since we stayed in Saint-Tropez the longest, I wanted to start off with this location as the theme for my initial recap post. My boyfriend’s family gave me this fabulous nail polish that is sold exclusively in Saint-Tropez (at this amazing Dior store pictured below). The Dior polish is a beautiful sea blue color and is appropriately named “Saint-Tropez”. I feel so lucky to have a bottle of this polish and couldn’t wait to go get a mani/pedi and show it off. I am so excited to bring a bit of Saint-Tropez back to work with me this week. I will only daydream for a minute or two about being back on the beach with these pretty fingers wrapped around a glass of rosé. ♥

Top Bun How-To

June 7, 2011 § 28 Comments

Here is a how-to on one of my favorite go-to hairstyles: the top bun. My version of it is a voluminous one instead of a tight ballerina style bun. If you can’t get the volume you want in the bun because of shorter hair or you just really want to pump it up, try adding a hair piece into the ponytail.

Step 1: Start with semi-dirty hair. I always find myself doing this up-do on hair that otherwise won’t look good down. However if you are in the mood for this and your hair is clean, try spraying in some hairspray and brushing it out, or add in a texturizer like Matrix or John Masters Organics.

Step 2: Take the top portion of your hair (from the crown forward) and tease all over, sides included. You want volume on all sides of the bun so teasing is definitely necessary.

Step 3: Carefully put your hair into a ponytail on the top of your head, taking precautions to gently smooth and not deflate the volume you just created with the teasing. If you need to, double up on the hair bands so your ponytail feels secure.

Step 4: Take the ponytail and tease the whole thing. This is essential so that your bun is full.

Step 5: Gently smooth the ponytail and twist it around into a bun. Then wrap another hair band around the bottom of the bun.

Step 6: Take 4 large bobby pins and insert one each on the front, back and sides of the bun. Add any more necessary in order to make the bun feel secure. I use the large ones so that I can go through the sides of the bun and into the hair bands in the center, for extra stay power.

Step 7: Hairspray all over and voila! Don’t worry if there are some wispy pieces left out, they only make it better. Leave as is or decorate with cute accents like headbands and flowers!

The Fishtail Braid

March 28, 2011 § 13 Comments

This week at work my coworkers and I got talking about the fishtail braid. We all decided it needs to get more attention because it is extremely underrated. After discussing it and then doing this demo on my coworker Courtney’s hair (above), I was inspired to find more ways to make this braid work. First, this how-to I found on Allure will give you the steps to master the technique. Practice makes perfect! Then I found these variations on the braid as seen on celebrities to experiment. This braid is much easier to practice on someone else, so if you can, find a friend (or a coworker) to experiment with. ♥

Basic Eye Make-Up How-To

March 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

I often get asked how I do my make-up or if I can do others’ make-up for them, so I think it is time for my first how-to post. This one is the basic brown eye look that I wear almost daily. Please note that you can alter this to the level of make-up you are comfortable wearing. If you like it more dramatic, add a darker brown eye shadow or more of the shades I use. If you like to go lighter on your make-up, just use a lighter hand when applying.

Step 1: Start with your face make-up done (including bronzer and blush if desired). I am loving Bare Escentuals right now with my trusty Nars Orgasm blush.

Step 2: Brush a light highlighting shade of shadow under your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eye.

Step3: Using a crease brush, apply a medium brown shade, I use Cargo in Fiji, into the crease of your eyes. Do not go all the way into the center of your eye. I like to start a little outside the outer corner and go about 3/4 of the way into the lid crease. Use a small amount on the brush at a time so that it stays blended, and you can add to achieve the desired shade.

Step 4:  Add eyeliner – I use black. Use a light hand on the lower lid and only go 3/4 of the way in. On the upper lid, start with a thinner line toward the inner eye and make it thicker as you travel to the outer eye. Don’t worry if it is not perfect – you will blend.

Step 5: Blend, blend, blend. I use a little sponge-brush with a little bit of dark brown shadow, I like Urban Decay Twice Baked, and smear the line of eyeliner so it looks softer (on the upper and lower lids).

Step 6: Mascara – don’t forget to curl your eyelashes first! Curling is a MUST if you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter, and your lashes longer! Then apply 2 coats of Mascara (I swear by L’Oreal Voluminous).

Voila! ♥


February 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

Finding ways to take what could have been a bad hair day and turn it around can make or break your day. Nothing is worse than feeling fab from the neck down, but yikes  – that hair! When I see those Santa Ana winds in the forecast, wearing my long hair down is absolutely out of the question. So, on one of those days, I created this quick messy, but fun ‘do. I am a sucker for voluminous hair, so adding some height to my ponytail is always a priority. One fast way is to add, in lack of a better term, a pouf in the front. I tease the front section, and then secure it with a few bobby pins on the top of my head. Then, after some more teasing at the crown of my head, I smooth the top and secure it into a ponytail. My fave finishing touch: hiding the band. Just take a piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around then secure with a bobby pin. Voila! ♥

Falling Hard

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As I hope some of you know, NY Fashion Week has started. What this means for me in my dreams: I am sitting next to Rachel Zoe in the front row carefully selecting pieces for my clients a la Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. What this means for me in reality: wiping up my drool as I gaze at runway photo after runway photo shown online or in magazines. Good thing those photos don’t disappoint! Some designers from the recent shows had pieces that were along the same color scheme. Being that these were Fall 2011 shows, they featured warm amber, chocolate, and other rich tones from a neutral palette. The fur (faux or real) was also a reoccurring staple, which I just can’t get enough of. I enjoy the bright pops of color displayed on the lips of models in the Jenni Kayne and Luca Luca shows.  Take a gander and feel free join me beside Rachel at the next show. ♥

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2011

BCBG Max Azria Fall 2011

Jenni Kayne Fall 2011

Jenni Kayne Fall 2011

Nicholas K Fall 2011

Luca Luca Fall 2011

Luca Luca Fall 2011

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