I will never forget the first time a piece of clothing changed my life. I was about 4 years old and had just put on my first “twirly skirt”. My Nana made it out of flouncy, purple material and once I put it on I was inspired to twirl. I could keep twirling until I fell down from dizziness just looking at the fabric floating around me. I felt beautiful. From that moment on I have been fascinated by fashion. Fast forward to my 8th grade year – I was so determined to win best-dressed that I didn’t repeat a single outfit the whole school year. I’m a true believer that different outfits truly affect your mood and the way you carry yourself. So much so that I have always been able to retrace a memory based on what I was wearing for the occasion.

More about me? I live in Los Angeles but am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area – a true California girl (although half of my heart is now French). I grew up a small town girl (I ♥ Danville) but big cities inspire me. A favorite pastime is people watching – nothing is better than oogling some gorge outfits, except possibly giggling at the horrific ones. Constantly on the prowl for a great bargain, key pieces or an interesting way to mix and match my current wardrobe, I never tire of discussing fashion. Period. This blog is my obsession and my take on all things fabulous, beautiful, and inspiring. Here’s to pretending that life is a fashion show and the world is our runway. ♥


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