Top Bun How-To

June 7, 2011 § 28 Comments

Here is a how-to on one of my favorite go-to hairstyles: the top bun. My version of it is a voluminous one instead of a tight ballerina style bun. If you can’t get the volume you want in the bun because of shorter hair or you just really want to pump it up, try adding a hair piece into the ponytail.

Step 1: Start with semi-dirty hair. I always find myself doing this up-do on hair that otherwise won’t look good down. However if you are in the mood for this and your hair is clean, try spraying in some hairspray and brushing it out, or add in a texturizer like Matrix or John Masters Organics.

Step 2: Take the top portion of your hair (from the crown forward) and tease all over, sides included. You want volume on all sides of the bun so teasing is definitely necessary.

Step 3: Carefully put your hair into a ponytail on the top of your head, taking precautions to gently smooth and not deflate the volume you just created with the teasing. If you need to, double up on the hair bands so your ponytail feels secure.

Step 4: Take the ponytail and tease the whole thing. This is essential so that your bun is full.

Step 5: Gently smooth the ponytail and twist it around into a bun. Then wrap another hair band around the bottom of the bun.

Step 6: Take 4 large bobby pins and insert one each on the front, back and sides of the bun. Add any more necessary in order to make the bun feel secure. I use the large ones so that I can go through the sides of the bun and into the hair bands in the center, for extra stay power.

Step 7: Hairspray all over and voila! Don’t worry if there are some wispy pieces left out, they only make it better. Leave as is or decorate with cute accents like headbands and flowers!


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