Beaded Wonder

April 27, 2011 § 16 Comments

While visiting my family this past weekend, my sister Jessica walked in wearing this necklace. Jess always has great jewelry, many from Anthropologie, so I asked if that was where she purchased this necklace. To my amazement, she said she made this herself! Now don’t you all wish you had sisters this talented? Don’t be jealous:) Anyways, she said she had several strings of beads that she hadn’t used, but loved the colors. So she put them on wires and started twisting them around a string of beads, and voila – this necklace was created! There are many different colored beads, yet it looks like the necklace will go with any solid shirt, and maybe even some basic prints. I warned her that my readers might start placing orders – so I am starting my petition to get her hired by Anthropologie stat. ♥

Although I couldn’t find necklaces that had the same type of design, I found these necklaces that will give a similar effect:

Spectrum Frenzy Necklace

Loops Necklace


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