Basic Eye Make-Up How-To

March 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

I often get asked how I do my make-up or if I can do others’ make-up for them, so I think it is time for my first how-to post. This one is the basic brown eye look that I wear almost daily. Please note that you can alter this to the level of make-up you are comfortable wearing. If you like it more dramatic, add a darker brown eye shadow or more of the shades I use. If you like to go lighter on your make-up, just use a lighter hand when applying.

Step 1: Start with your face make-up done (including bronzer and blush if desired). I am loving Bare Escentuals right now with my trusty Nars Orgasm blush.

Step 2: Brush a light highlighting shade of shadow under your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eye.

Step3: Using a crease brush, apply a medium brown shade, I use Cargo in Fiji, into the crease of your eyes. Do not go all the way into the center of your eye. I like to start a little outside the outer corner and go about 3/4 of the way into the lid crease. Use a small amount on the brush at a time so that it stays blended, and you can add to achieve the desired shade.

Step 4:  Add eyeliner – I use black. Use a light hand on the lower lid and only go 3/4 of the way in. On the upper lid, start with a thinner line toward the inner eye and make it thicker as you travel to the outer eye. Don’t worry if it is not perfect – you will blend.

Step 5: Blend, blend, blend. I use a little sponge-brush with a little bit of dark brown shadow, I like Urban Decay Twice Baked, and smear the line of eyeliner so it looks softer (on the upper and lower lids).

Step 6: Mascara – don’t forget to curl your eyelashes first! Curling is a MUST if you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter, and your lashes longer! Then apply 2 coats of Mascara (I swear by L’Oreal Voluminous).

Voila! ♥


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