Inspiration on the Street

February 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

This past weekend we were walking around the Westwood area and I spotted these three lovely ladies. I was amazed how they each have such a bold sense of style, yet seem like three peas in a pod. I quickly asked them for a snapshot and after deciding that I wasn’t a psycho, they obliged. Starting on the left, the black chunky glasses paired with the bad-girl leather jacket is such a nice effect over the plaid shirt. Those boots are major. I can see her wearing these with so many different outfits (little does she know I am playing dress-up with her in my mind). The statement scarf in the center is perfectly showcased by the simplicity of the rest of her outfit. Those glasses are very naughty librarian-esque. Fab! Then the girl on the right brings on the femininity to the max. How precious are those shoes?!? She totally rocks the lace and pearls look while not taking it to a 50’s housewife status. I was also pleasantly surprised by the understated make-up here. Many girls over do it, but these girls got it right! They worked that street (not in a hooker sort of way), and stood out amongst a sea of monotony. ♥

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§ 2 Responses to Inspiration on the Street

  • Maud says:

    Hello Mollee
    Thierry and me we are reading each day your post and we enjoy!!!
    I would like to suggest you one of my favorite french fashion blog Garance dore ( it also translate in english and now she lives in NYC ) and thé sartorialist maybe you Know him?
    Bise maud

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