Adorn your Walls

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am obsessed with for so many reasons. One of them is because it has transformed what was, as Rachel Zoe would say, a clusterfuck of necklaces into a gorge display. I have collected so many necklaces because I am a sucker for a powerful statement piece. Problem is – these pieces take up A LOT of space in a little jewelry case! I took to the pages of to find an affordable necklace rack that didn’t compete with the beauty of the necklaces themselves. I found this one shown on my wall here and had no problem filling it up. I forced myself to do some early spring cleaning and edited my collection down. I am now able to fit a few bracelets on the side! I love the idea of allowing pretty baubles to decorate a section of your room. I have my Red Envelope jewelry box left open where some precious photos peek out at me as I choose my accessories for the day. So now I won’t feel so bad when I don’t wear a piece for a while because I know it is getting some show time decorating my room. ♥


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